UV Sterilisation Box

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The Ultimate Sterilisation Device..

It can sterilise multiple objects, in addition to mobile phones, watches, headphones, and personal items such as glasses, wallets, keys, etc.

Eliminates germs invisible to the eye & effectively maintains the hygiene of common items

Why our customers LOVE this:

  • Quick & efficient way to maintain hygiene
  • Super easy to use
  • Fast and reliable
  • Last for 10+ years


Material: ABS

Wireless output: 10W

Watch output: 2W

Headphone output: 5W

UV lamp output: 2W

Product Size: 200 * 200 * 55mm

Charging distance: ≤8mm

Applicable model: compatible with QI standard

Bactericidal Fan Range: masks / mobile phones / cosmetics / keys etc .