Pet Shoulder Sling

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Your search for the perfect carrier for your pet is finally over.

After experimenting with dozens of different carriers that may suit your Chihuahua, this carrier fulfilled all your criterias. This carrier is all you and your little pet need for a happy life.

The reason why this carrier is so good is because it's fully customized to fit the needs of both you and your pet. This carrier is breathable and allows you to adjust the size of the opening that your pet can push it's head through.

Just in case, there is also a safety collar hook that you can use to be certain that your Chi won't jump out. For this reason, this carrier is the safest carrier you can find on the internet today.

70% of this carrier is breathable, so your prince/princess won't feel any trouble breathing, even when lying in it.

The carrier is perfect for travel, as your Chi can always be with you, safe, and still be able to see and keep track of what's going on around it.

In addition to being perfectly customized for your pet, this carrier is also perfect for you. The shoulder strap can be adjusted any way you want, and you can adjust the height to fit your shoulders at any time. Also, you have a small pocket on the carrier that is perfectly suited for things like a phone.

Choose the perfect fit for you and your pet. Take your pet where you want it, whenever you want, without any problems.

Why We Love it:

  • Made of leather and mesh, soft, breathable and durable
  • Super wide padded shoulder strap and studdy hook, easy to adjust, safe and comfortable for your little pet to stay in
  • Easy to wash
  • Hands-free design, compact storage, suitable for your little prince/princess