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🦋 Automatic Hair Curler! 😍 Get Beautiful Curls and Waves FAST with this Wireless Auto Curling Iron! 💁‍♀️


The world's first professional wireless travel automatic rotary curler creates beautiful curls or waves anytime anywhere. This design is in vogue now.

EASY TO USE: One-click automatic curling, no need for any skills, farewell to using traditional wired curling irons, is a perfect alternative to traditional curling irons or curling sticks, ideal new high-tech styling tools for people who create beautiful curls. 

AVOID TANGLED HAIR: The unique anti-tangle design and automatic reverse rotation function help to avoid any tangled hair problems. When using a hair curler, the hair bundle should not be too thick. It is recommended that the diameter should not exceed 1cm. If you put too much hair in the hair barrel, it will automatically stop to avoid tangles!

INTELLIGENT: The automatic hair curler can set the temperature freely (150 ° C-200 ° C / 300 ° F-390 ° F, the degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit are interchangeable), the curling time can be adjusted arbitrarily within 8s-18s, and the curling direction Or right). Can meet all your needs for curly hairstyles and create unlimited possibilities. 

EFFICIENT: Our hair curler can be heated quickly, 60 minutes of working time, rechargeable automatic hair curler, can maximize the styling efficiency. The hair room is equipped with safe and non-toxic heat insulation materials, which can prevent you from being scalded during use. A comb, two hairpins and a storage bag are included in the package for your convenience.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The wireless hair curler can be easily placed in the ideal size (only 7.6 inches long) pocket or backpack. The back is ergonomically designed and can be comfortably held in the hand.


Product Description :

Voltage : AC 100-240v 
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 3.7V
Subject Material: ABS
Battery capacity: 3.7V-2400 mA
Temperature: 180 degree, 210 degree 
Usability time: 30-50  USB charging line


1. Rechargeable Iron 
2. USB charging Cord


Step 1. Select a strand of hair no more than 3 inches wide and a 1/2 inch thick 
Step 2. Place the hair between the 2 flat plates and close them tight 
Step 3. Place plates as close as possible to the scalp without touching the scalp 
Step 4. Hold the plates tight by pressing the handles together 
Step 5. Slide the iron away from the head towards the end of the hair 
Step 6. Do not hold the hair between the plates for more than 4 seconds


When not in use, “power off ”.Allow the appliance to cool and store outreach of children in a safe, dry location.


Hair should be clean and completely dry before using any styling iron  If you styling iron has specially designed “non stick ” coating, you can safely use your favorite gel, hair sprays or mousses without any worry of your hair sticking to the iron while styling  Power on the iron for 2to 3 minutes before use  For more stubborn hair use a smaller section of hair